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University of NSW Medical Students

Throughout the year Dr Kien will be supervising years 5 and 6 medical students from University of NSW undertaking Primary Care (General Practice) term.

On average, a student will be under his supervision for 4 weeks; approximately 3-3 days per week.

The student will undertake a variety of activities at the practice to help them understand common general practice conditions, and should progress to more responsibilities and autonomy in clinical activities during the attachment.

The student will either sit in with Dr Kien during a consultation or, when deemed capable, consult a patient on his/her own before reporting to Dr Kien who will conclude the consultation.

Dr Kien and his students appreciate your generosity and patience during these teaching sessions. However, please do not hesitate to inform our reception if you do not wish to be involved in this program. It is totally understandable.

General Information

Steroid phobia

Parents are reluctant to use topical steroids on their child's eczema because of unfounded fears about their side effects based on evidence from the 1960s, according to a consensus statement by 20 Australasian paediatric dermatologists issued this month.

Steroid phobia was based on old research that involved prolonged application of topical steroids under dressings applied to flexural areas. More recent data showed no evidence of skin atrophy with routine long-term use of topical steroids in children with eczema, the statement said.

However, according to the dermatologists, pharmacists were still issuing warnings about skin atrophy, with a recent study by one of the authors showing two-thirds (67%) of pharmacists told patients not to use topical steroids for more than two weeks at a time.

The misinformation meant children were commonly having to live with unnecessary and prolonged exacerbations of eczema, despite there being a highly effective treatment that had minimal adverse effects, they said.

"The advice given by dermatologists to parents of children with eczema regarding the use of topical steroids is unfortunately frequently undermined by other health professionals," they wrote in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology.

24 March, 2015
Michael Woodhead

The information in the above were collected from the internet,
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They are for general information only and should not replace the need of seeking medical care during illnesses.

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